Kawasaki Z1R Instruments

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69-221   Instrument Panel Z1R

69-221 Instrument panel for fairing.

Models: 78-80 Z1R D1-D3


69-223   Instrument Mount Rubber Z1R

69-223 Mounting rubber for speedo and tacho. Sold separately. Two required.

Models: 78-80 Z1R D1-D3


81-2298   Instrument Mount Kit Z1-KZ

81-2298 All the hardware required to mount instruments to bracket.

Models: 72-75 Z1, 76-80 Z900-1000


81-2020   Tacho Cable Z1-KZ

81-2020 Tacho cable 64.5cm standard length.

Models: 72-75 Z1, 76-80 Z900-1000

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81-2031   Speedo Cable KZ (long)

81-2031 Speedo cable 92.5cm length M11 drive fitting. The long speedo cable is used on all models with brake calipers mounted to the rear of the forks.

Models: 78 Z1000 A2, 79-80 Z1000 MK2, 78-80 Z1R D1-D3