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The Products
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How It Works

This business is a parts ordering service. Due to low demand, it is not practical to hold stock in Australia. I order every Monday evening. It takes around 1 week for me to receive parts from Japan by air freight. Deadline for weekly orders is Monday 5:00pm WST (7:00pm EST). When your parts arrive in Australia, I will email you a final receipt to confirm supply. This will be followed by a tracking number when I have packed and sent your order. Please allow another week for delivery by parcel post or road freight.

Price vs Quality
There are some cheap and nasty parts out there. I do not sell them. I source high quality parts from PMC in Japan. If you see a large price difference between me and other suppliers, you are probably looking at a different (cheaper) manufacturer. Most resellers tend to use all or part of the suppliers part number in their stock codes. I use PMC part numbers on my website. This provides an easy way for you to check if the parts are coming from the same supplier. I can tell you now, I am very competitive on PMC parts.

Ordering the right part
Please check the part name, description and model information to ensure that the part will suit your bike. There have been many subtle changes over the years.

How do I pay for my order?
You can pay by credit / debit card, bank deposit or use your PayPal account. Instructions are provided on the order confirmation page. PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to pay by bank deposit, your order will not be finalised until payment has been received. Your parts will then be included in the next weekly order.

What happens if a part is not available?
This rarely happens because I check stock levels in Japan every day. If a part is out of stock, I will send you a refund by PayPal or bank deposit. Details will be provided in your final receipt. I will then email you when new stock arrives so you can re-order the part if you are still interested.

Delivery Charges
Most orders are delivered using parcel post. I charge a flat $16.50 pack and post fee for each order. This covers small sales where my profit margin is less than cost of delivery. If you place additional orders in the same week I will refund excess postage and ship them together.

For larger orders the small $16.50 postage fee is effectively free delivery. Orders that are too big for Australia Post will be delivered by TNT Road Express.


The Products

I source all my parts from PMC in Japan. This company has been in business since 1989 and have a reputation for supplying quality components. PMC are big in the Japanese custom bike industry. They build specials to order, manufacture their own range of performance accessories and wholesale parts from other manufacturers. Many of the big Japanese custom bike builders like AC-Sanctuary use PMC components.

In addition to the standard reproduction parts they also have a large range of very trick accessories. We are talking alloy rims, mags, swing arms, forks, brake upgrades, exhausts and more. They also supply parts for the H1, and H2 triples.

PMC Parts
More than just reproduction parts

So, if you are a resto-moder like me and don’t mind a bit of new tech on your old bike, I can certainly supply performance parts at the right price. Just be aware, the Aussie Dollar does not buy very many Japanese Yen these days. Anyways, if you are after something special, drop me an email. steve@z1shop.com.au


About Me

In these days of social networking (I don't indulge) it's probably a good idea to let people know who they are dealing with. My name is Steve Harrison and I am an ex motorcycle mechanic who did his trade back in the days when the Kawasaki Z1 ruled the road. My first road bike was a brand new 1976 Z900 purchased for $2,200 from Peter Stevens in Melbourne. Stone the movie had just been released and I was king of the kids with my L plates and a Kwaka 9.

Since then I have owned a lot of bikes including a Z1 Jaffa, Z1000, and more recently a Z1B. I went crazy with this bike and it turned into a huge project. Anything that was not absolutely perfect was replaced. That bike ended up in better than showroom condition. During the build, I did a lot of research looking for parts at the right price and made some valuable connections in Japan. At the time I thought to myself, there is a potential business here. Anyways, life got in the way. The bike got sold and the business never happened.

Project Z1B

Somewhere in the mid 80's a bike accident put me on light duties and I ended up working in the computer industry as a freelance programmer. Now I find that like many guys my age, I have become a bit of a dinosaur. Not much call for an 80's bike mechanic or a 90's computer programmer for that matter. I am certainly over the programming work. This website is more than enough.

Seems like now is the right time for that business idea. Back to things I care about. I love these old bikes and look forward to helping anybody with similar interests. So go on, buy some stuff. Help keep an old biker on the road. You can email me at steve@z1shop.com.au


The Business

This business operates as an online store only.

Stephen Harrison T/A Z1Shop
ABN 20 466 337 688

Registered Office
39 Jarrah Rd
Roleystone WA 6111

Email steve@z1shop.com.au


Using the Website

The website is a simple shopping cart design. On the top left of the page you will see a navigation menu. It may read something like Home/Z1/ Brakes. This shows you exactly where you are. In this case you could click on Home, Z1 or Brakes to go the desired page.

On the top right of the page you will see a shopping cart icon. Click this to display your shopping cart. You will then see a checkout button which allows you enter your contact details and delivery address. Another button will then take you to an order confirmation page.

The most important thing to remember is that everything you need to know will be written on the page. You are not expected to know anything about computers, just read the page. BTW: A good way to upset any online store is using the back button around the shopping cart and payment pages. We try to catch all the problems that this may cause, but there is always something we did not anticipate. Try to avoid the back button and use the links and buttons on the page instead. Things will then work as we intended.


Payments With PayPal

I use PayPal to process payments on this website. You do not need a PayPal account to use the service. Popular credit and debit cards are also accepted. When you click the PayPal button on my website you will be taken to the PayPal login page. If you don't have an account, you will see a "Pay with credit or debit card" button. Click this to pay by card.

Note: This button will also appear if you have an account but have not logged in or you have cleared your web browser history.

For what it's worth, a PayPal account is a handy thing to have. They are the world's largest online payment gateway handling millions of transactions every day. I have used them for years and never had a problem. Most merchants will accept payment by PayPal. The best thing about the system is that you give your card details once only to PayPal. The merchant never sees this information. All transactions are authorised by you via the secure PayPal website.