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Welcome to the Z1Shop. Supplier of quality reproduction and aftermarket parts for classic Kawasaki Z1, Z900 and Z1000. This is something new. The idea is to provide a quick and easy way for you to order parts from Japan. Enjoy browsing the online store. You will be amazed at what's available for these great old bikes.

Next order to Japan - Mon 24/02/20


Just in case you have not dealt with me before, I had better explain how this works. All parts are imported from Japan. I order every Monday evening. It takes around 7 days for me receive parts by air freight. I then email you a confirmation receipt when I pack your order. This is followed by a tracking number when I post to you.

Deadline for weekly orders is Mon 5:00 pm WST (7:00 pm EST). Please read How It Works before ordering. You will also find a lot of other useful information on the page.

Thanks for visiting the Z1Shop.
Steve Harrison

Express Post Upgrade - 14/12/19


I aim to provide the best possible service. Deliveries are taking too long by standard parcel post. If your order will fit in a prepaid satchel (max 5kg in 435 x 510mm satchel) it will now be shipped by Express Post. Orders too large for prepaid satchels will be sent by standard parcel post or TNT road freight. I will always email you a tracking number and a link to the carriers tracking page.

This is also a better deal for you. My fixed pack and post charge will increase to $19.70 (cost of a medium satchel). However, If I can use a smaller satchel, I will refund the difference. If postage costs more (it often does), I will cover the extra expense.

PLEASE NOTE: Postage refunds will be sent by PayPal using the email address you provide at the checkout. Another good reason to double check your email address :-)

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